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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Empowering Visualization with Augmented Reality App

Before we further discussing Augmented Reality App and its features, some words of definition about augmented reality would be of great value to lend the importance of the topical article.

What does it mean by augmented reality?

When GPS data, graphic, video and audio sensory inputs generated by a computer areput together into the creation of an augmented real world environment into its virtual equivalent by overlaying simulated reality over the real world, the process as a consequence is called augmented reality.

Point not to be missed here is that the process of augmentation involves overlaying environmental elements in semantic and real time context, thus what composite view we have of the output seems an enhanced version of current real world perceptive. It is by contrast the replacement of the real world with that of virtual reality in simulated mode. To allow the process function properly, advanced and state-of-the-art augmented reality technology is used by the experts.
Taking the increasing popularity of augment reality into account, some world famous companies start developing AR app in a profitable attempt of providing mankind the augmented visualization of real world never imagined before. Was it imagined before that the mere capturing of real world object using smartphone’s camera would result in the output of digital visualization with information overlaid? Perhaps, the concept was beyond the imagination of mankind except those visionary personalities who made it real.

Therefore, development of Areal App from different app developing companies is certification of increasing popularity of the technology that it will contribute significantly to business and technology to thrive in coming days. Laying the foundation of AR concept with mission to make it a widespread phenomenon, leading AR app developing company, Adstuck, is determinedly set to provide Indian consumers best of AR app.
Development of widespread popular alive app is the recognition of the company’s determination of taking AR to new zenith through commitment of quality and standard. Other products including Areal app are in their way to popularity after having fully brought into mainstream use.

A fine example about the usage of AR app is the medical line where the technology is maximized to enlightening students using 3D visual technique. Also the technology is set to be used in full-fledged materialization in education where 3D visual technique of imparting education would benefit students understanding subject matters clearly. 

As stated before, the medical students in most medical colleges are taught using the 3D visual technique displaying 3D-simulated human skeleton with information overlaid thus helping students understand the medical information easily.

Augmented Reality App exemplifies innovation of technology which can be used to benefit mankind and business world in future. That which was the concept of anonymity few days ago is now becoming the concept worth familiar with. Undoubtedly, if this signifies being technology of future, it deserves for what’s it being signified.It will empower visualization the world or mankind ever witnessed. Read more