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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Augmented Reality App – Introducing New Era of Augmented World

This blog post explains augmented reality app, features and other areas of this field to lend credence on why AR emerges as being the futuristic technology of the world.

Few days back, I was watching a Hollywood flick, TOTAL RECALL, a movie by sci-fi genre. I liked the movie even though it put on the passable imitation of MINORITY REPORT. But more than the storyline of the movie, I loved the way the technology, especially the augmented visual demonstrated in some of the scenes was maximized. They recalled me of the scenes from The Minority Report, where the protagonist, Tom Cruise, has augmented visual of the real world in its virtual depiction. It was indeed fantastic experience to watch the movie.

The whole point of my describing this is that I had to witness the incredibility of augmented reality technology being used in the movies. This also makes me believe that this technology exists long before the time when I came across the term a few months back.

Talking about the AR applications, we have this impression about them that they are quite futuristic, very innovative and apt at producing new era of augmented reality to our field of vision.
Recently, I had to visit at one of my friend’s wedding ceremonies at New Delhi, where surprisingly, I came across augmented visualization of real world object. It was technically beautiful.

At the wedding, one of the guests motioned to me, showed me his smartphone and used it to scan a ground object which was appearing like a brochure of an automobile company. Very soon the static object came alive on his smartphone’s screen displaying a car in motion with some pieces of information being overlaid in congruence with every changing part of the vehicle.
Mesmerized out of the visual representation, I asked curiously, “How did you create that magic? It was wonderful!”

Laughing, he quipped, “Dude, that’s not magic. That’s the wonder of my augmented reality app installed into this phone.”

The experience of having such visual was incredible. It left me pensive for a while that how wonderful would that technology be in future when everyone would be enjoying the augmented world around?

So, the augmented reality is becoming reality if said straight forwardly.

Augmented reality is still the topic to talk about for many forums and web platforms worldwide. Experts opine about it respectively.

Does that mean to imply that the technology is far better than any other invented and developed so far?

It would indeed be hard to argue about that, but considering the appreciative novelty of the technology, it’s sure one of the most futuristic technologies that the next generation would ever witness.

Augmented Reality App has magnificently brought forth the augmented world to the visual of mankind. A visual which was nurtured into the cognitive realm of the genius mind for yearsis gradually becoming an awe-inspiring reality for the mankind. The experience of augmented visual of the real world is quite an enlightening serendipity.

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