Thursday, January 2, 2014

Augmented Reality Browser: Proven Impressive Medium For Brand Promotion

As called one of the most powerful cutting edge technologies in the world, augmented reality or AR connects mankind with an interactive digital world or augmented world by enriching their view of the real world. This technology introduces in our everyday life an enriched version of visual about the natural surroundings around us. Hence, it’s entertainingly enlightening.

Augmented reality browser thus has surfaced on the ground followed by skyrocketing popularity of mobile phones around the world. Due to increase in the consumption of smartphones worldwide, AR firms around the world come up with idea of AR browser to allow smartphone users view enriched version of their natural world on the screen of their mobile device. Not only this, apart from experiencing personal feeling on the screen of phone, augmentation of real world object, be it brand or commercial product, has also intrigued commercial entities the world to adopt it as their advertising campaigns.

The viewing of the enhanced scene is like falling in love at first sight.

We are not forgetful to the fact that due to heavy competition in the market today, companies around the world always prefer a unique technique for promoting brands, which is not standard of its kind but also cost-effectively productive. Hence, the advent of AR browser or applications is an effort of satisfying the need of those needy clients worldwide so that they can promote their brands successfully. For instance, using AR browser on the screen of mobile phone, a user can view the visual-blended feature of a brand easily. If impressed by the augmentation perceived, the chance is that the users can buy the augmented brand.

Just as browsers are used to browse through web pages and ocean of information over the web world, mobile augmented reality browsers are used in similar way, though with enhanced visualization. For example, with the browser, a garment retailer will be able to assist its customers how to check fitting and style of a product before buying it. If you may have known about print media augmentation, you get the drift for sure. 

Actually, this is one of the best examples of novelty of AR in the field of promoting a brand given that’s success-oriented campaign, but also very inexpensive, requiring lower budget input to fetch a fortune in return. This involves allowing users add digital contents on their print so that their brand has marker based augmentation for target users. This technique has been gaining momentum for few years.

Augmented Reality Browser has been quite in a demand for few years. That’s because it has been proven one of the salient techniques to impress target customers or clients for the brand being promoted through marker-based augmentation.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Augmented Reality Software - Just Beyond the Awesomeness

Augmented Reality Software is perceived to have transcended the reality of any virtually created world. With advanced and futuristic AR software, creation of tangible visualization of a real world has become materialization of something perceived impossible a decade ago.
Areal is a leading Areal app for mobile devices across all platforms.

Today, AR is just beyond the awesomeness. 

Augmented reality software, such as, Areal motion, redefines the visual in three dimensional output. This means, the kind of visual that you have with the software is very engaging, interactive and wonderful. Moreover, it enables you bring a life to your print media contents so that you can use them in your advertising or brand marketing. 

These days, AR software products are being used on a large scale by ad agencies and industries around the world just to standout their brands from others. The beauty of using AR is that it is one of the most inexpensive yet engaging mediums to spearhead success of a campaign. 

We have the presence of AR technology in education whereby students are given complementary knowledge in augmentation about a subject. For example, a student has to move the webcam of his tablet onto a marker of an object to let the webcam read the encrypted content. Soon, the student has the visual of augmented educational stuff on his screen. That's the long and short of magic of AR technology. 

Even though AR technology is not a well-known fact in India, despite the fact that some esteemed AR firms, including, Adstuck, have done their exceptional expertise to bring forth a wide array of innovative AR apps for the need of ad agencies and industries. However, given the novelty of the technology, it is going to be futuristic in the country. 

Augmented reality software can deliver you the satisfaction guarantee that you may want to have in your commercials. AR firms like Adstuck are contributing their service to this field remarkably. 

Recently in India, Augmented Reality Software by the name of Alive became a hot buzz among app enthusiasts. The app is powered by AR technology which thus can create virtual reality of any component in real world such as in the example of newspaper content. Used by leading newspaper, the Times of India, the app can bring any featured contents or imageries on the newspaper alive to a smartphone's screen. Wikipedia reports that the app excelled record in terms of downloading and augmentation views in a single day of its launch.

This is just a tip of iceberg as the AR technology is deemed powerful to change the fate of technology. Read more

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