Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Augmented Reality Software for Splendid 3D visuals - Areal App

Introduction of Augmented Reality Software is kind of endorsing the legacy of AR technology to maximum reach worldwide. The need felt at large scale as the technology has its own asset of giving virtual delight to people. Areal App is one of the most innovative developments and is so far comparatively best in India.

The article talks about features and benefits that one will avail out of using the app.
Developed by leading augmented realty company, Adstuck, Areal appears to be one of the most amazing apps and which has caught attention of millions of users across India. As per the data from the source of Wikipedia is to be believed, the app received unprecedented downloading of 2 lac and almost 3 lac augmented views in the single day of its launch. This phenomenal viral success is largely attributed to the app being used by leading Indian newspaper, the Times of India, and its awesome features created by the developer company.

How does the App work?

There is no rocket science involved when using the app. For a starter, the app must be downloaded from any app downloading website and then it be installed into one’s smartphone. Thereafter, all one has to do is to train smartphone’s camera onto the contents of the newspaper for a while. Soon one has the visual of the contents coming areal on the screen. For example, if a celebrity’s image is featured on the newspaper, one can view the static image talking. This is magic of the app and it has been brought to reality by Adstuck.

It is to be noted that the Areal app is being used by the Times of India. No newspaper industry has so far been privileged for the use of the app.

Features of Augmented Reality App - Areal App

• The app is operational on OS like Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry
• It works on both the image recognition and the location based technique
There has been persistence in the development of augmented reality applications just because serving the growing needs from large number of consumers across the globe. Under the circumstance that the technology will have mounting demand in future, companies including Adstuck and others seems leaving no stone unturned which is quite evident by the rate of AR sponsored marketing approach that the companies adopt.

Augmented Reality App (Areal App) in essence is one of the most innovative technologies of AR allowing users experience 3D visuals of the sight of contents on the Times of India. This innovative augmented reality software is also said to be harbinger of AR technology in India. The mounting popularity of the app is indeed an indication of its success as a pioneer of AR app in India.