Thursday, January 2, 2014

Augmented Reality Browser: Proven Impressive Medium For Brand Promotion

As called one of the most powerful cutting edge technologies in the world, augmented reality or AR connects mankind with an interactive digital world or augmented world by enriching their view of the real world. This technology introduces in our everyday life an enriched version of visual about the natural surroundings around us. Hence, it’s entertainingly enlightening.

Augmented reality browser thus has surfaced on the ground followed by skyrocketing popularity of mobile phones around the world. Due to increase in the consumption of smartphones worldwide, AR firms around the world come up with idea of AR browser to allow smartphone users view enriched version of their natural world on the screen of their mobile device. Not only this, apart from experiencing personal feeling on the screen of phone, augmentation of real world object, be it brand or commercial product, has also intrigued commercial entities the world to adopt it as their advertising campaigns.

The viewing of the enhanced scene is like falling in love at first sight.

We are not forgetful to the fact that due to heavy competition in the market today, companies around the world always prefer a unique technique for promoting brands, which is not standard of its kind but also cost-effectively productive. Hence, the advent of AR browser or applications is an effort of satisfying the need of those needy clients worldwide so that they can promote their brands successfully. For instance, using AR browser on the screen of mobile phone, a user can view the visual-blended feature of a brand easily. If impressed by the augmentation perceived, the chance is that the users can buy the augmented brand.

Just as browsers are used to browse through web pages and ocean of information over the web world, mobile augmented reality browsers are used in similar way, though with enhanced visualization. For example, with the browser, a garment retailer will be able to assist its customers how to check fitting and style of a product before buying it. If you may have known about print media augmentation, you get the drift for sure. 

Actually, this is one of the best examples of novelty of AR in the field of promoting a brand given that’s success-oriented campaign, but also very inexpensive, requiring lower budget input to fetch a fortune in return. This involves allowing users add digital contents on their print so that their brand has marker based augmentation for target users. This technique has been gaining momentum for few years.

Augmented Reality Browser has been quite in a demand for few years. That’s because it has been proven one of the salient techniques to impress target customers or clients for the brand being promoted through marker-based augmentation.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Augmented Reality Software - Just Beyond the Awesomeness

Augmented Reality Software is perceived to have transcended the reality of any virtually created world. With advanced and futuristic AR software, creation of tangible visualization of a real world has become materialization of something perceived impossible a decade ago.
Areal is a leading Areal app for mobile devices across all platforms.

Today, AR is just beyond the awesomeness. 

Augmented reality software, such as, Areal motion, redefines the visual in three dimensional output. This means, the kind of visual that you have with the software is very engaging, interactive and wonderful. Moreover, it enables you bring a life to your print media contents so that you can use them in your advertising or brand marketing. 

These days, AR software products are being used on a large scale by ad agencies and industries around the world just to standout their brands from others. The beauty of using AR is that it is one of the most inexpensive yet engaging mediums to spearhead success of a campaign. 

We have the presence of AR technology in education whereby students are given complementary knowledge in augmentation about a subject. For example, a student has to move the webcam of his tablet onto a marker of an object to let the webcam read the encrypted content. Soon, the student has the visual of augmented educational stuff on his screen. That's the long and short of magic of AR technology. 

Even though AR technology is not a well-known fact in India, despite the fact that some esteemed AR firms, including, Adstuck, have done their exceptional expertise to bring forth a wide array of innovative AR apps for the need of ad agencies and industries. However, given the novelty of the technology, it is going to be futuristic in the country. 

Augmented reality software can deliver you the satisfaction guarantee that you may want to have in your commercials. AR firms like Adstuck are contributing their service to this field remarkably. 

Recently in India, Augmented Reality Software by the name of Alive became a hot buzz among app enthusiasts. The app is powered by AR technology which thus can create virtual reality of any component in real world such as in the example of newspaper content. Used by leading newspaper, the Times of India, the app can bring any featured contents or imageries on the newspaper alive to a smartphone's screen. Wikipedia reports that the app excelled record in terms of downloading and augmentation views in a single day of its launch.

This is just a tip of iceberg as the AR technology is deemed powerful to change the fate of technology. Read more

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Augmented Reality Software – Driving Commercial Stores

Augmented reality software is now widely perceived to have been the technology of future because of novelty involved. This is indeed one of the most innovative technologies in today’s world. This innovative technology brings to you an enriched world that is technically executed by the addition of computer assisted graphics, video, audio and other sensory input like GPS data.

Means, the software technology basically allows you augment view of your real world.
AR software has become quite a known phenomenon in the world of advertising and digital marketing. With oxymoron term like “reality in virtual world”, AR has gone through all walks of life comprising experience from shopping to television shows. We know that shopping is one of the most ingrained habits of individuals. They prioritize both the online and in-store shopping.

However, shopping for goods at both ways is not a simultaneous convenience that one can enjoy. Both have their respective benefits and so should be prioritized according to one’s specification and needs.
Well, the advent of latest technologies in the field of online shopping has done a good job in terms of promulgating the growth of online shoppers. We perceive augmented reality as one of the most crucial and innovative technologies to have benefited online shoppers a lot in a way conspicuous to their increasing growth on the virtual stores.

Though the in-store shopping has its own virtue, but increasing popularity of online shopping has posed challenge in front of it. With that, the end result presents a clear picture that if online shopping continues with the same increasing pace of growth, it will benefit it positively and would help it leave in-store shopping behind.

Due to the fact of AR software getting popular, global retailers, by recognizing the capacity of AR, adapts it to their virtual shopping domain in an effort to give customers a very systematic online shopping experience.
Needless to say that AR software like virtual trial room or online dressing room has played their pivotal role to bring forth a remarkable result in terms of improved customer-retention and customer engagement rate.
The advent of online dressing room is really a very great example of AR software getting widespread popularity, and days are not too far when we would witness immense growth of this digital technology in various fields. From Fityour to a lot wide segment of augmented reality software applications, they have provided world a very convenient, reliable and trusted shopping mode.

Buying goods through self-examination is indeed a noble idea that buyers were unaware of few years back. So, advent of AR software applications such as Fityour and others contributes increasing growth of online shopping on the website of retailers.

Augmented reality software applications have paved the path of success for both the retailers and the shoppers. No doubt that they have introduced their reliable presence in the field of online shopping. Also, advent of innovative AR software apps give value to online shopping by allowing customers self-examine their favorite products thereby allowing them experience shopping in comfort and convenience.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Futuristic & Innovative Augmented Reality Software

Augmented Reality Software has redefined the era of digital technology distinctively.

We can recollect the long gone era, for example, when augmented view of the real world was not existed. Time changed and eventually brought to us the new era of digital technology where augmentation of the real world is no longer an unimagined term.

The AR software comes in a numerous applications such as content management system, branded app solution, browser for commercial and non-commercial uses and gaming software technologies, including Dead Space and Cyber generation.

They certify abundance of the technology in terms of novelty.

How does AR software augment view?

The augmented reality software uses location based expertise to deliver viewer the augmented visualization of things in real world.It uses input data such as GPS, audio, video and other computer assisted sensory inputs including graphics to foster augmented visual of an objective material.

Sometimes, I believe that AR aptly demarcates objective reality from that of subjective realism by presenting the sense in totally educative augmented depiction. For example, what we see in real world has the connectivity with objective realism. But when we have its visual in augmented form, we assume or watch it in subjective sense, which in another way of explanation, is well defined version of the objective or physical world reality.

AR software exemplified –

Have you heard of virtual fitting room app?

Don’t text your mind, if you haven’t, as the article is going to tell you about this –

Virtual reality app is the brainchild concept of AR and is one of the parts of AR software technology. Developed for the purpose of making online shopping of buyers comfy and convenient, virtual trial fitting room or online dressing room app has been one of the best-rated technologies around the world.

What does it do?

It does nothing except a very important thing – to help buyers try on virtual outfits from the comfort zone of home.

Using your computer’s webcam, any garment retailer’s website with online dressing room can be viewed by the users and clothes can be tried on without having to use them physically. You can, for example, place a virtual wrist watch on your wrist and can adjust the fitting of the watch to have a perfect look on your wrist. This will give you an idea whether or not the watch should be purchased on account of the kind of look it gives onto your personality.

Online dressing room and similar kind of AR software products have come as a boon for marketers, especially garment retailers to maximize the software technology to their advantage. If sources from renowned retailer websites worldwide are to be believed, using online dressing app alone has accounted for triple-fold selling outputs due to overwhelming response from customers.

At last, augmented reality software is arguably futuristic. It has its copious potentiality to benefit the marketers or business world distinctively. Based on marker or markerless mechanisms, AR software technology has brought the concept of augmentation to the reality of mankind appreciatively.Read more

Friday, November 29, 2013

Augmented Reality Software – Signifying Novelty

From countless web sources, augmented reality software is one of the subjects that they talk about oftentimes. Question is, what exactly does that mean? How much do we know about this? Perhaps, we need some time when it will be a widespread technology all over the world. Meanwhile, we consider it prudent to have some idea about the term, augmented reality or AR.

AR augments view of a real world. This is the main feature of it, and because of this feature, it has become a global phenomenon. You may not be aware of it, but AR is also known as mediated reality. This may sound related to meditation, but this technology enables users visualise augmented scene of a real world. By the word, ‘real world’, we mean here anything that you see in the world that you live in.

AR software is used to provide you a world in virtual reality that is different from the one you see, understand and live in. the visualisation of the world can be fluctuated by the technology. For this, computer assisted graphics and other input devices are used. An expert that does this whole things are typically familiar with the intricacy involved to augment view of the real world. The word ‘augment’ stands for increasing the size or any property of something. 
Hence, when the term is coined in AR, it becomes a pure scientific terminology. Means, anything you see in your real world can be augmented so that the visual you get is informative and very delightful.

Augmented Reality App is used to materialise the concept of augmenting view of real world. Ever heard of Alive App, for example? 

Don’t think much if you haven’t.
Here it goes.

Alive App is an AR based technology that is used to augment view of any static object. The static object comes alive on the screen of a user’s smartphone. To have the augmented visual, the app needs to scan destined object. It takes hardly few seconds to have the AR visual.

Why do we mention this here?

Alive was perhaps the only app to have created unprecedented success in terms of downloading and augmentation views. According to Wikipedia, it garnered as much as 2 lac downloads and 3 lac augmentation views on the same day when it was launched. This substantiates of the prowess or novelty of the software app.

The aftereffect of Alive’s success

The concept of AR is gradually becoming a known phenomenon. Though it has not become a widespread popular concept, but days to come, it will be a household name.

Now, the app is used by many distinguished and top-notch companies, news and advertising industries as well as the magazine publishing industries. They use it for their marketing campaign. 

The Times of India uses the app to allow its readers experience augmented view of celebrity or any celebrity published on its news column on the smartphone of a user.

Hence, augmented reality software is futuristic. Days to come will claim its existence to AR. companies developing AR apps endeavour hard to provide satisfactory solution to the needy client regarding AR.

How INNOVATION in Augmented Reality Shape Our Future - Read more

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Augmented Reality App – Introducing New Era of Augmented World

This blog post explains augmented reality app, features and other areas of this field to lend credence on why AR emerges as being the futuristic technology of the world.

Few days back, I was watching a Hollywood flick, TOTAL RECALL, a movie by sci-fi genre. I liked the movie even though it put on the passable imitation of MINORITY REPORT. But more than the storyline of the movie, I loved the way the technology, especially the augmented visual demonstrated in some of the scenes was maximized. They recalled me of the scenes from The Minority Report, where the protagonist, Tom Cruise, has augmented visual of the real world in its virtual depiction. It was indeed fantastic experience to watch the movie.

The whole point of my describing this is that I had to witness the incredibility of augmented reality technology being used in the movies. This also makes me believe that this technology exists long before the time when I came across the term a few months back.

Talking about the AR applications, we have this impression about them that they are quite futuristic, very innovative and apt at producing new era of augmented reality to our field of vision.
Recently, I had to visit at one of my friend’s wedding ceremonies at New Delhi, where surprisingly, I came across augmented visualization of real world object. It was technically beautiful.

At the wedding, one of the guests motioned to me, showed me his smartphone and used it to scan a ground object which was appearing like a brochure of an automobile company. Very soon the static object came alive on his smartphone’s screen displaying a car in motion with some pieces of information being overlaid in congruence with every changing part of the vehicle.
Mesmerized out of the visual representation, I asked curiously, “How did you create that magic? It was wonderful!”

Laughing, he quipped, “Dude, that’s not magic. That’s the wonder of my augmented reality app installed into this phone.”

The experience of having such visual was incredible. It left me pensive for a while that how wonderful would that technology be in future when everyone would be enjoying the augmented world around?

So, the augmented reality is becoming reality if said straight forwardly.

Augmented reality is still the topic to talk about for many forums and web platforms worldwide. Experts opine about it respectively.

Does that mean to imply that the technology is far better than any other invented and developed so far?

It would indeed be hard to argue about that, but considering the appreciative novelty of the technology, it’s sure one of the most futuristic technologies that the next generation would ever witness.

Augmented Reality App has magnificently brought forth the augmented world to the visual of mankind. A visual which was nurtured into the cognitive realm of the genius mind for yearsis gradually becoming an awe-inspiring reality for the mankind. The experience of augmented visual of the real world is quite an enlightening serendipity.

Want to know much about augmented reality? Visit at Areal and get enlightened.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Augmented Reality Software for Splendid 3D visuals - Areal App

Introduction of Augmented Reality Software is kind of endorsing the legacy of AR technology to maximum reach worldwide. The need felt at large scale as the technology has its own asset of giving virtual delight to people. Areal App is one of the most innovative developments and is so far comparatively best in India.

The article talks about features and benefits that one will avail out of using the app.
Developed by leading augmented realty company, Adstuck, Areal appears to be one of the most amazing apps and which has caught attention of millions of users across India. As per the data from the source of Wikipedia is to be believed, the app received unprecedented downloading of 2 lac and almost 3 lac augmented views in the single day of its launch. This phenomenal viral success is largely attributed to the app being used by leading Indian newspaper, the Times of India, and its awesome features created by the developer company.

How does the App work?

There is no rocket science involved when using the app. For a starter, the app must be downloaded from any app downloading website and then it be installed into one’s smartphone. Thereafter, all one has to do is to train smartphone’s camera onto the contents of the newspaper for a while. Soon one has the visual of the contents coming areal on the screen. For example, if a celebrity’s image is featured on the newspaper, one can view the static image talking. This is magic of the app and it has been brought to reality by Adstuck.

It is to be noted that the Areal app is being used by the Times of India. No newspaper industry has so far been privileged for the use of the app.

Features of Augmented Reality App - Areal App

• The app is operational on OS like Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry
• It works on both the image recognition and the location based technique
There has been persistence in the development of augmented reality applications just because serving the growing needs from large number of consumers across the globe. Under the circumstance that the technology will have mounting demand in future, companies including Adstuck and others seems leaving no stone unturned which is quite evident by the rate of AR sponsored marketing approach that the companies adopt.

Augmented Reality App (Areal App) in essence is one of the most innovative technologies of AR allowing users experience 3D visuals of the sight of contents on the Times of India. This innovative augmented reality software is also said to be harbinger of AR technology in India. The mounting popularity of the app is indeed an indication of its success as a pioneer of AR app in India.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Empowering Visualization with Augmented Reality App

Before we further discussing Augmented Reality App and its features, some words of definition about augmented reality would be of great value to lend the importance of the topical article.

What does it mean by augmented reality?

When GPS data, graphic, video and audio sensory inputs generated by a computer areput together into the creation of an augmented real world environment into its virtual equivalent by overlaying simulated reality over the real world, the process as a consequence is called augmented reality.

Point not to be missed here is that the process of augmentation involves overlaying environmental elements in semantic and real time context, thus what composite view we have of the output seems an enhanced version of current real world perceptive. It is by contrast the replacement of the real world with that of virtual reality in simulated mode. To allow the process function properly, advanced and state-of-the-art augmented reality technology is used by the experts.
Taking the increasing popularity of augment reality into account, some world famous companies start developing AR app in a profitable attempt of providing mankind the augmented visualization of real world never imagined before. Was it imagined before that the mere capturing of real world object using smartphone’s camera would result in the output of digital visualization with information overlaid? Perhaps, the concept was beyond the imagination of mankind except those visionary personalities who made it real.

Therefore, development of Areal App from different app developing companies is certification of increasing popularity of the technology that it will contribute significantly to business and technology to thrive in coming days. Laying the foundation of AR concept with mission to make it a widespread phenomenon, leading AR app developing company, Adstuck, is determinedly set to provide Indian consumers best of AR app.
Development of widespread popular alive app is the recognition of the company’s determination of taking AR to new zenith through commitment of quality and standard. Other products including Areal app are in their way to popularity after having fully brought into mainstream use.

A fine example about the usage of AR app is the medical line where the technology is maximized to enlightening students using 3D visual technique. Also the technology is set to be used in full-fledged materialization in education where 3D visual technique of imparting education would benefit students understanding subject matters clearly. 

As stated before, the medical students in most medical colleges are taught using the 3D visual technique displaying 3D-simulated human skeleton with information overlaid thus helping students understand the medical information easily.

Augmented Reality App exemplifies innovation of technology which can be used to benefit mankind and business world in future. That which was the concept of anonymity few days ago is now becoming the concept worth familiar with. Undoubtedly, if this signifies being technology of future, it deserves for what’s it being signified.It will empower visualization the world or mankind ever witnessed. Read more